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Illustrator Ray Ocampo

I think art was my first love.

One of my proudest artistic memories was winning a colouring contest as a kid. The prize was a red bicycle with cruiser handlebars, a silver banana seat, and on the side was the name, "BIG RED". I felt like I was on top of the world.

Since then, my art has grown through hard work, a multitude of inspirations, and my biggest motivator, passion.


I studied classical animation for two years at Algonquin College. Since graduating I have worked as an animator for a handful of local studios for over ten years. I started drawing and colouring in Photoshop about six years ago, for pure enjoyment. Luckily, that lead to "Super Spark", and I hope it leads to many more illustration opportunities.

Basically, I love what I do. I love creating through my drawings. I love being inspired by wonderful artwork. I love that my art is my voice, and that I'm able to share it.

Did I say " I THINK" art was my first love? I take it back.

I KNOW it was.

Check out some of my work at: